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How to: access Pandora from outside the US

2007/05/04 @ 7:55

Tiré de How to: access Pandora from outside the US.

I’m not an avid Pandora user. Personally, I like Last.FM better. But it angers me when I see that such a great service will now be unavailable for users outside of the US. TechCrunch has the details, as well as a facsimile of the letter sent to Pandora’s international users.

Of course, I don’t blame Pandora for this: they’re just complying with the US (and international) laws and regulations.

I blame the laws and regulations.

In any case, this is the Internet, and it’s easy to be a hacker nowadays, so here’s a couple of services you can use to access Pandora from wherever you are (btw, Pandora still works for me although I’m from Croatia; I guess they haven’t covered all the IP ranges just yet):

1. Firefox + anonymous proxy - in Firefox, open Tools - Options - Advanced - Network - Settings. There you have the proxy options. Go to one of these sites:

Find some proxies there, enter their details into the proxy options in Firefox. Don’t worry if the first couple of proxies don’t work; it’s a trial and error process.

2. Public CGI Proxies - the easiest method. Randomly chooses a public proxy server; all you have to do is enter the address and enjoy the melodies.

3. Tor and Privoxy - these two are frequently used together to surf anonymously. Might be a bit complicated for beginners.

4. Metropipe - a set of commercial and free tools for anonymous surfing, including a free Firefox toolbar. Starts at $8.33.

5. Proxify - just enter, uncheck remove all scripts, and you’re good to go. Well, in theory; it didn’t work for me; might be just a temporary glitch.

6. The Cloak - same as Proxify, enter the address and surf anonymously right away. And, just like Proxify, it doesn’t work. Again, maybe it starts working somewhere in the future; you never know with services like this.

7. Cotse - another commercial service, starts at $5.95. Covers much more than just anonymous surfing, though.

8. Anonymizer - another commercial anonymizing package, a bit more expensive.

This should be enough for most users. Enjoy Pandora, wherever you are (;.

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