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2006/10/12 @ 9:11


Subject: PayPal notification reduced account access

Protect Yourself Against Fraud
Loves Paypal customer

9. October 2006: We have the reason to the acceptance that third accessed your account. Since the security of your account is our main objective, we limited the access to important PayPal Kontofunktionen. We know that this possibly represents an incommodity for you. Please you note however that it concerns a temporary restriction to your protection.

(Your drop number for this reason lautetPP-207-472-256.)

How can I re-establish the access to my account? Visit the side conflict resolutions, and you implement the steps for waiving the restrictions. Your account access is restored by fulfilling all check list positions automatically.

Click here, for the examination of your account and some or all data.

wtf is “important PayPal Kontofunktionen“?


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